Founded in 2011, Milwaukee Field Hockey Club has led the effort in the Milwaukee area to elevate the level of play for athletes dedicated to the sport.

For the past seven years, Milwaukee Field Hockey Club has worked at the grass roots level to modernize, diversify and enhance the game of field hockey for participants in Wisconsin. In raising the level of expectations for athletes' commitment and performance, MKEFHC climbed the USA Field Hockey Club rankings and earned entry into the National Indoor Tournaments and National Club Championship, while also building a collection of hardware from Disney Showcases, NITs and Festival. The club is proud to watch dedicated alumni playing for college programs at all three levels and including schools such as Richmond, Lindenwood, Bellarmine, Concordia University, Centre, Rhodes, Penn State, Central Michigan and more.

The Milwaukee Field Hockey Club was founded by Tom Carter, native of Rhyl, North Wales, where he developed in his field hockey career. At the time that he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, field hockey consisted of small, club and school-based programming that operated on a seasonal basis. Tom quickly saw a need for well-organized, year-round programs that could provide athletes with the consistency in training and competition necessary for advancement to higher levels such as collegiate and regional/national team performance. Between 2011 and 2016, the club grew rapidly and provided a recognizable presence from the uppermost midwest region that could compete at a national level.

While Milwaukee Field Hockey Club rapidly changed the culture and climate of field hockey in Wisconsin, so, too, has the field hockey community at large, as well as the game itself, changed. MKEFHC recognizes the need to constantly evaluate and evolve. The opportunities for field hockey players in Milwaukee have grown significantly over the years, however, MKEFHC is not yet satisfied with the overall levels of participation in the sport in our entire region. The nationally supported “Grow the Game” campaign has not yet gained traction in the midwest and introducing more young athletes to field hockey continues to be a challenge. Our mission is to increase the numbers of athletes participating in field hockey on a local and recreational level, so that more individuals will know and love the game as much as we do. We will continue to prepare athletes for collegiate and regional/national level opportunities. 

The leader charging forward with this mission is Samantha Landis, Milwaukee Field Hockey Club Managing Director and Head Coach of Concordia University of Wisconsin's first Women's Field Hockey program. Coach Sam accepted this position beginning the winter season of 2017 and carried on the successful tradition of Milwaukee Field Hockey's indoor program with qualifications into the U16 and U19 National Indoor Tournaments and 3rd place and above qualifier finishes. Sam connected with athletes instantly to build relationships and share her team-centered coaching philosophy and knowledge of how to meet the athletic, technical and mental/emotional demands of the game. Sam will continue to lead and develop the club's travel teams, mentoring athletes as they prepare for collegiate positions, and fortify a team of staff to attract young, new players to play the game we know and love best. 

“Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”
— Vince Lombardi